The Eight Disorders of Dying. Illustrations by Neil Peter Dyck.


4.  A car there parked beneath my apartment one evening. A half-figure, cut off from my angle, sat alone in the driver’s seat in the middle of a conversation. The blue-tooth bled loudly — bass-y — into the night and up through my open window. The other conversant was saying, “Do you know what he said to me? He said he thought of me as an adopted child.” They had only slept together five times, the voice through car speakers and through the glass said. I couldn’t hear the half-form’s response, but its silhouette was tense and unwavering. It felt like there should be more.


Four Yellowing Ring Fingers


Illustrations by Neil Peter Dyck

The Last Scarecrow

The last scarecrow left Chilliwack in 1980. I was four years old, only hearing about him later. He walked with his “heels in the lead.” It was said he claimed it easier with his Continue reading “Four Yellowing Ring Fingers”

Georg Reads “The Ashes Part II”

Illustrations by Neil Peter Dyck

“Some heads are more haunted than others, whether they are haunted by ghosts or by gods or by creatures from outer space. These are not real things. Nevertheless, they are indicative of real forces, animating and even creative forces, which your head only conceives to be some kind of spook or who knows what…”  — Thomas Ligotti

Though Georg hadn’t thought of April in weeks, she inhabited a murky region in his mind. Continue reading “Georg Reads “The Ashes Part II””